As many of our regular FEBEX visitors will know ADORR run a preserved bus service between the exhibition and Alton town centre and railway station throughout the show.

ADORR was formed in 1996 to save two 1928 former Aldershot and District Dennis E buses from a field at Four Marks, Hampshire. Since then the society has grown, it has become a limited company and a charity and more buses have been rescued. The fleet now comprises six vehicles dating from the 1920s to the 1960s when public transport was in its heyday.

The Dennis E type vehicles form the backbone of the fleet but all require major restoration work to get them back onto the road. We have had to take a practical approach to these very rare buses. The cost of restoring the two buses found in 1996 in a field, OT 8592 and OT 8898 would cost in the region of £500,000 and this is beyond the Society’s means. However, the bus found by the River Thames, inside a house has a much better chance of being restored. In 2016 the Society obtained donated funds to enable restoration of this chassis and hopefully this will be DRIVEN out of our barn at Milland. Some time ago we managed to obtain the original registration, OT 8902, so eventually one, or a combination of two of the earlier found bus bodies will be attached to OT 8902. In the 1920’s vehicles were made of two parts, chassis and body, unlike the present-day construction. The Trustees believe it is better to get one good bus fully restored rather than struggle with three!

Two of the success stories are the two Loline III’s, 462 EOT and 488 KOT which have been fully restored and have been playing a prominent part in bus Rally’s for several years. To keep these rare double-deck buses running we have had to ‘borrow’ parts from AAA 508C including the excellent engine and gearbox. It has now come to the extent that 508 has loaned so much that it would cost a huge amount to restore, so it will be kept as a storage bus. 488 has benefitted by having the engine and 5 speed gearbox from 508.

Loline III 488 KOT and Ray Le Mesurier-Foster, President ADORR
The completely new rear end woodwork of the Denis E from the 1920s currently under re-build

This work is/has been carried out by a small band of volunteers, but we urgently need more support, both to help finance the restorations and to carry out the practical side of the restoration work.

More information can be found on the Society’s website