Much Murkle

Much Murkle was exhibited at FebEx2020.

Much Murkle; population 1452 according to the 1931 census is set in a fictitious 1930’s community in Herefordshire. It is served by a single track branch from the equally fictitious junction at Newent on the Gloucester to Hereford Line.

The branch is just 8 miles long, with one intermediate station at the village of Kempstone and a small halt serving Sollers Hall.

There is a rail served Quarry located approximately 1 mile outside of Much Murkle. All trains departing the quarry have to be reversed at the terminus due to the quarry having no run round facility making for more interesting stock movements.

The quarry is not the only significant industry using the line. Rancoutt Cider also use the branch to distribute their fine cider and perry to the outside world and vans from all of the big four rail companies can be found in their sidings.

Most of the structures are scratchbuilt and are based on actual buildings. Goods stock is mainly kit built, Coaching stock is a mix of detailed RTR and kit built and Locomotives are detailed RTR models. The automatic couplings used are DG couplers and apart from the locomotives, all rolling stock is fitted with Gibson Wheels and is weathered.

Much Murkle featured in the February 2015 issue of BRM and was seen previously in the July 2012 issue of Hornby Magazine.