Harlyn Pier

Railway Modeller Editor Steve Flint (right) awards the 2018 ‘Best Layout in Show’ award to Peter Beckley

‘Harlyn Pier’ is a 7mm fine scale ‘0’ Gauge layout built by Peter Beckley. It was awarded the ‘Best Layout in Show’ award at FebEx 2018, as judged by Railway Modeller Editor Steve Flint.

About Harlyn Pier

The layout depicts the terminus of an imaginary (ex LSWR) branch line on the north coast of Cornwall not far from Padstow in the BR period circa 1960.

The station is set on a quayside that connects to a ferry service from the adjacent dock, similar to the arrangement at Lymington Pier, which was the inspiration for the layout.

The trackwork is all handbuilt from TimberTracks/C&L/Exactoscale components whilst the majority of the buildings are scratch built and based on examples from Cornwall or Devon.

The signals and level crossing gates are all operational and interlocked with the points, which hopefully avoids wrongly signalled movements.

The majority of the locomotives and rolling stock have been constructed from kits by the layout operators.  We try to feature stock that operated in the north Cornwall area during the period 1955 to 1965. The layout is run to a sequence which represents a busy summer Saturday.   In reality this is much busier than would have been the case but it does keep everyone entertained.

Track plan

Layout area: (inc. fiddle yard) 14 ft. 6 in. x 2 ft. 6 in. 

Further information

More details of the layout can be found on the ‘Harlyn Pier’ website