An HO layout based on Netherlands 1990 to the present, featuring Dutch double track mainline south of Utrecht.

I discovered Culemborg about 18 years ago when I was looking for somewhere to watch Dutch trains go by.  As soon as I found the little lane beside the railway line from Utrecht to s’Hertogenbosch and Eindhoven I knew I had to build a model of it, though sadly it has taken me many years to get round to it.  The layout is loosely based on what I saw though I have added a few embellishments.  In reality there is no windmill, no farm and no station but I felt that just open countryside would look a bit flat. (pun intended) The trains you will see passing by date from the 1990’s to the present day and are typical of the Dutch railway scene.  Many are electric which meant installing overhead wiring.  This is cosmetic and does not power the models. 

Nederlandse Spoorwegen provide the passenger services so there are a few blue and yellow trains.  However, there are several private operators moving freight and there are therefore several interesting liveries.  Because freight comes from all over Europe the wagons can be from any country making for some colourful freight trains. The buildings are nearly all built from Dutch kits and are made from plastic, resin or laser-cut card.  The station at the left-hand end is called Zeedijk, because that is the name of the road which crosses the railway at the level crossing.  The station does not exist in real life, but I thought it would add to the scene and provide a little more interest both visually and to the train movements.  The building is particularly interesting as it is ideal for a small country station and was designed by the same designer who built the larger Culemborg Station which is the next one up the line. 

At the right-hand end of the layout the railway has risen to cross the river Lek on a large bridge of which you can see the beginnings.