A 4mm 00 gauge layout representing what might have been if the branch to Yealmpton, Devon had been extended to the nearby seaside resort.

The history

The Plymouth to Yealmpton Plymouth branch was a Great Western Railway single track branch railway line in Devon, England that ran from Plymstock to Yealmpton. The line was planned as part of a route to Modbury, but the scheme was cut back to Yealmpton. It opened in 1898 and the passenger train service ran from Plymouth Millbay, but road competition led to declining usage and the passenger service was withdrawn in 1930. However, I have amended history to allow the line to be extended to the original planned terminus and extended further to pass through Aveton Gifford and then drop south to Bigbury-on-Sea.

The model.

Following the success of the water feature on the club’s Redbridge Wharf layout I wanted to build a branch line terminus at a seaside resort. I had previously built an 0 gauge model of Aveton Gifford and this was extended to a fiddle yard known as Bigbury-on-Sea. It seemed an obvious conclusion that this should be my chosen destination for this venture.

Baseboards are commercially built by Model Railway Solutions of Poole and have proved flat and reliable. Track is the code 75 bullhead track by PECO and laid on 2mm thick foam rubber. Sleeper spacings have been amended to give shorter rail lengths. I wanted to have a gentle curve throughout the station and found that the PECO points can be carefully curved to match the continuous curve.

The stock is controlled by DCC, but the signals and points are controlled through an interlocked lever frame. Attached to the frame and interlocked with the lever frame is a level crossing wheel, complete with rack and pinion drive, the connection to the gates is made electrically.

Track plan