Arun Quay

Exhibited by Gordon & Maggie Gravett

Arun Quay came about by the desire to build a small ‘0’ gauge layout that could easily be transported in a car. The resulting dimensions dictated that any thoughts of ‘main line’ running were out of the question and a shunting yard was the only real option available. Thought was also given to make everything as light as possible – what may be easy to handle now might feel quite a lot more awkward in ten years’ time!

The scenario is a small quayside yard on the River Arun – near Littlehampton in West Sussex in the 1950s. It is fed by a line on the track bed of an old tramway that, together with many of the facilities and workshops, dates to the days of 19th century sailing craft.  To improve the appearance of the track and generally help the running of wheels through crossings, the track gauge has been reduced from 32mm to 31.2mm.

We operate the layout from the front so please feel free to interrupt should you have any questions.