Kaninchenbau is set in the Bavarian/Swiss/Austrian Alps which allows it to run the mixture of trains that can be seen in real life on the multitude of narrow gauge lines that operate in this area.

The layout has been designed using the ‘rabbit warren’ principle and utilises fully automated running using a computer program (iTrain) as a standalone model that attaches to a larger layout in base location. The layout runs up to 5 trains simultaneously and a cassette system enable the trains to be exchanged for other by the operator. The layout is essentially interconnected 2 levels that can operate independently yet allow trains to swap between levels.

The ‘rabbit warren’ style ensures that trains will not always appear from the expected exit and this provides great interest in younger viewers who try to guess when the train will come from – they are generally very surprised when the ‘wrong train’ appears from where they expect it to appear.

Children that have seen it are generally left guessing where the train that has entered a tunnel will appear from which is amusing and it seems to occupy their minds for a little while. Adults are often confused as to how a train can stop automatically because turnouts or a signal is set against the train or how a layout can run so many train simultaneously.