Photo credit: Chris Nevard, Model Rail

Brixcombe is the Farnham clubs first P4 layout and portrays a South Devon terminus of the Great Western Railway.

A passenger train in Brixcombe station.
Photo credit: Chris Nevard, Model Rail

Situated somewhere between Newton Abbot and Plymouth, the station serves a small fishing port in an area popular with holidaymakers. As a result traffic is suprisingly heavy with 2 daily expresses from London, a north to west cross country service and local trains from both east and west.

Cattle await loading at the cattle docks.
Photo credit: Chris Nevard, Model Rail

Goods traffic is dealt with by 3 daily services and there is an early morning collection of the overnight fish catch. Once a year the local squire organises a very popular point to point meeting necessitating the insertion of a horsebox special  into the schedule.

A locomotive in shirt-button livery leaves the engine shed.
Photo credit: Chris Nevard, Model Rail

As a result of the different interests within the Brixcombe team the layout can be running Dean liveried Cities and  Bulldogs with early chocolate and cream stock, Churchward liveried Counties and Moguls hauling lake stock or Collett liveried Halls and Granges with 1930’s shirt-button stock. In the course of a an exhibition weekend you are likely to see them all.

Track plan

Layout area: (inc. fiddle yard) 23 ft. x 3 ft 6 in. 

Further information

More on ‘Brixcombe’ can be found on the Farnham & District MRC website