Bärental and Dorf

Bärental represents a view of the Rhätische Bahn metre gauge railway in Switzerland around the area of Davos and Filisur in Canton Graubunden, which sets out to capture the charm and atmosphere of Swiss trains travelling through scenic Swiss countryside.

Bärental was built by Ray Williams and his ingenious design means that it takes up little more space than a single bed yet up to six different trains can be in operation at any one time following an automated sequence controlled by infra-red sensors.

Real life Swiss railways have a close relationship with the Swiss Postbus system and following the success of Bärental as a model railway only layout, Ray experimented to see if there was any way to incorporate Swiss Postbuses as well.  He achieved this by constructing an additional village section called Dorf, utilising the Faller Car System to control the movement of the buses.  Our layout today includes the village section and we hope to show you moving Swiss Postbuses as well as the trains.

We trust you enjoy watching Bärental and Dorf and our wish is that it will give you a glimpse of Switzerland or even remind you of a Swiss holiday you may have had – once upon a time.


Track plan