Arcadia Pennsylvania

Arcadia Pennsylvania is a freelance, box-theatre style, “time-saver” layout; it depicts a fictitious, small industrial railroad freight terminal set in Arcadia, Pennsylvania, Eastern USA.  The terminal has, as a backcloth, the declining “Arcadia Steelworks” blast furnace and coke oven silos but they are not operationally related.  The layout has been recently extended, to include a small locomotive servicing point, and road access.

A short line (APT) serves the location – delivering various box cars, hoppers, flat wagons, gondolas, and tank cars to several local operations.  Motive power, rolling stock and architecture represents the period 1960’s to 1970’s but there may be cameos of late 80s diesels.  The freight yard’s resident locomotive is a leased Central Railroad of New Jersey EMD SW9 (to be branded APT).  In addition, the route is worked by other motive power: a Pennsylvania RR Alco RS-1, a Louisville & Nashville EMD SDP35 and (in cameos) an Amtrak Dash 8-32BHW; all three are dual-motored.

The layout is mainly front-operated, with traffic generated using a 4-track traverser through a short tunnel into the freight servicing area.  Points are controlled remotely, using Tortoise slow-action motors.  All four locomotives are Atlas models and are DCC sound enabled.  The layout is powered by an expanded, 5-amp NCE system, using their PowerCab and ProCab controllers.

Track Plan

Layout area: (inc. traverser/fiddle yard) 15.5 ft. x 2 ft. 
Working area: 18.5 ft. x 8 ft (as below).

Layout comprises 3 modules (front operation) plus a traverser/fiddle yard (rear operation).

Track plan