Gary Faulkner

A long in the tooth designer, who, by hook and crook has ended up designing laser cut MDF model kits in various scales…

He currently works in collaboration with a UK manufacturer designing wargames kits – I know, don’t lynch me!

However, having worked with MDF kits for 10yrs Gary wrote and published ‘A Guide to Making and Painting Laser Cut MDF Model Kits’ in 2020.

To cut to the chase – Gary will be giving a short demo or two of how simple it can be to work with MDF kits, paint, weather and detail them.  He will attempt to dispel some of the common myths and mis-directions often on the internet and; by the end, show how MDF is not your enemy but a part of your arsenal.

Sorry a bit wargamy in the references at the end there…

Find more examples of work on Facebook March Attack.