Gauge 3 Class 121 Bubblecar

Group member Mark Pretious builds a resin Bubblecar in Gauge 3

The kit from Garden Railway Specialists (GRS) is a resin one piece body shell kit. The floor plan is a large piece of ABS plastic sheet cut to length and then fitted to the floor opening space. The kit provided a pair of plastic solebars which were not really up to the job so two lengths of bras angle were ordered and cut to length. These were bolted to the floor to keep it rigid and stop the middle from drooping under the weight of all the resin underfloor casting detail sections.

The body shell has been painted using the Halfords car paint range. The green is Rover Brooklands green and the remaining colours were all brush painted on. The kit provides the transfers for the unit number and BR roundel. In addition to the kit the extra details added on to the body shell include the open windows with the push down to open bars, windscreen wipers and exhaust pipes. The seating is wood mouldings that have been sprayed into Peugeot royal blue also from Halfords.

The grab handles and the T handles are all courtesy of Walsall models which help to complete the look of the coach side. This model has also been fitted with a full radio control sound system. All the radio control components are located in the luggage area. The model is also fitted with two speakers under the floor (one speaker per engine).

The model has yet to be fitted with any passengers which will be done by the customer.