Part 6: Elliott Cowton

Elliott Cowton

Elliott is a member of the Fareham & District MRC CIO and was the Club’s Chairman through a very turbulent period of its existence which saw the community centre where it met closed and the Club facing the challenge of having to strike out on its own if it wanted to survive.  All the way through that phase of the Club’s life Elliott’s mantra was “I just want to go back to being an ordinary modeller”; well, it’s over, the Club has now achieved the status of a Charity through its CIO registration and he is now starting to look at the possibility of building his first home layout since he left home to go to university.

Along the way a number of members of the Fareham Club fell in with Ashdown Broadcasting and were a big part of a project which ultimately became  Whilst involved with this Elliott discovered that a) he really enjoyed demonstrating to and inspiring other modellers and that b) he was actually reasonably good at it; and the rest – as they say – is history.

Sadly, Ashdown are no longer making programmes for the MRTV Channel so Elliott has struck out on his own and is now a regular demonstrator at a number of exhibitions across the region.  The subjects he demonstrates are Weathering, Track construction (working to the heretical 00-SF Gauge of 16.2mm – he was one of the prime movers in getting necessary track gauges produced for the UK), model building construction using plastic sheet and section, and constructing and super detailing rolling stock kits – mostly Parkside but other brands are available and used.  He is the author of a blog on RMWeb entitled A different approach to model railway operation? detailing his experiences operating an American basement layout while living in Washington DC on secondment to the US Navy.  It is also not unknown for him to deliver talks on various topics of model railway interest, layout design being a particular favourite.

Elliott is also a member of the Missenden Modellers, sometimes erroneously referred to as the University for Railway Modelling.  He has undertaken masterclasses on Track Building (building a double slip formation), Templot (a CAD package for track building and layout design), Weathering and Signal Construction and his ambition for his next visit to Missenden Abbey for a residential weekend is to take a Hornby Spam Can and to weather it to represent a loco that has suffered one of their infamous casing fires.  And before you ask, NO, he was not a member of the Missenden team that got kicked off in the first episode of The Great Model Railway Challenge.

Facebook: @Elliott Cowton
Twitter: @elliottcowton
RMWeb: @DutyDruid